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The Republic of Nauru, the smallest republic in the world, is a nation comprised of a single island. Nauru is located in the Central Pacific ocean sitting equal distance between Sydney and Hawaii and is north of the Solomon Islands. Nauru has strong ties with Australia stemming from Australia's administration of the country from 1914 to 1968. As a result, Nauru uses the stable Australian dollar, and Australia is Nauru's key trade, investment and development assistance partner. The reopening of the Australian offshore detention centre in Nauru in August 2012 has provided significant economic opportunities for the economy.

During the 1980s, the island nation enjoyed a major phosphate mining boom and its people boasted the world's second highest GDP per capita. Mining has since scaled down, and payments for fishing rights within its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) now contribute significantly to the national economy. However, worked out phosphate mines are providing opportunities in rehabilitation and development initiatives. Phosphate exports helped boost GDP growth in Nauru to 4.0% in 2011 after recording a zero growth in 2010. Further mining of the secondary levels of phosphate (for production of tiles and blocks), and the production of crushed coral aggregate and cut-coral products is yet to be fully capitalised upon. Nauru has not been able to establish its own fishing industry despite the fact it has an abundance of pelagic fish in its water.

Our Airline, Nauru's national carrier operates twice weekly flights between Nauru, Brisbane, Nadi and Majuro. Recently, Our Airline is flying a new route from Brisbane to Majuro and Tarawa via Nauru. Internet access is available via Digicel mobile phone provider. Nauru accommodation includes small hotels, and guesthouses.

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